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City to consider eminent domain for Harper-Geer realignment

January 25th 2020 12:45AM
HERMISTON — The Hermiston City Council will discuss the possible use of eminent domain Monday for a realignment of the intersection of Geer, ...

An investment firm might buy the dot-org domain. Protesters fear rising costs

January 25th 2020 12:11AM
Holding signs saying, “Save Dot Org,” and chanting, “ICANN, you can stop the sale,” opponents said they were concerned that the cost of registering a ...

Why the left should be more open minded about corporate interests

January 24th 2020 11:03PM
... organizations have come out to express concern over the sale of the nonprofit entity that operates the dot-org internet domain to a private equity firm.

3 Letter Domains For Sale

January 24th 2020 10:11PM
All of the brand names for sale on this page are versatile, brandable, single word domain names. au domain names for sale on the secondary market.

Business Highlights

January 24th 2020 10:07PM
Nonprofits worry sale of dot-org universe will raise costs ... dot-org suffix in their websites are concerned registering domain names could become a lot ...

Nonprofits worry sale of dot-org universe will raise costs

January 24th 2020 9:38PM
The company that controls the dot-org online universe is putting the registry of domain names up for sale, and the nonprofits that often use the suffix in ...

Hansen: hears from judiciary, fights Grain Belt project

January 24th 2020 9:11PM
House Members Act to Protect Property Owners from Eminent Domain ... developers would have the authority to utilize the power of eminent domain to ... 12 percent of the electricity carried by the transmission line would be sold to ...
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